How to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching?

It has been a thorough debate on “How to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching?”. And the answer to that is as tricky as it sounds because for some it might be as simple as learning ABCD , however for some it might be as difficult as cracking rocks with bare hands. 

And Yes, we agree that there are dozens of CLAT success stories without coaching. But as said before, preparing for CLAT for any other competitive exams without good guidance is a tricky task. Yet this doesn’t mean one cannot prepare on their own. However,  preparing for a nerve-racking exam like CLAT requires 

  • Hard work  
  • Patience
  • A clear strategy 
  • Time management &
  • Consistency 

That is why Way2edu have come up with some of the best preparation tips for Clat without coaching. These tips will help you in preparing for your clat exam effectively & efficiently. 

Preparation Tips on How to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching

How to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching?
  • Kick-Start in Advance 

Starting as early as possible is the key to easily ace your CLAT preparation progress without coaching. As having ample amount of time in hand for both preparation and revision is a must.

Starting in advance you will be able to access the entire syllabus in-depth, revise multiple times, and effectively practise mock tests.   

  • Make a Blueprint of your strategy

Remember one thing before you commence your Clat Preparation that “An idiot with a plan can defeat a genius without a plan”. Making a blueprint of strategy is not only important to achieve your goal but to make sure you keep a track on your progress level. 

One important thing to keep in mind while drafting a blueprint is to make sure you craft it out with your own needs & comfort.

  • Get Clear with your Syllabus

Getting & knowing your CLAT syllabus clearly is the best way to make a big impact in your CLAT preparation. Skipping this vital step will not only affect your preparation but will blunder all the dreams you have for CLAT. 

Therefore, before laying out your strategy & kick starting your preparation, first go through the syllabus & exam pattern. 

  • Practice make the man perfect

This point cannot be overstated. Mock exams should be performed and analysed on a regular basis since they provide an excellent means of self-assessment. This is an excellent method for assessing one’s own strengths and shortcomings.

Furthermore, by taking a sufficient number of mock exams, one assures that, when the exam approaches, they will have established an ideal exam-taking method.

  • Strengthen your Efficiency

Improve your efficiency when solving papers by determining which technique provides the most points. Experiment with different approaches to solve the paper.

Work on your strengths to improve them, and work on your shortcomings to ensure they don’t let you down during the exam.

  • Have an Optimistic approach

Preparing for CLAT without coaching is not an easy task and it will hammer you both mentally & physically. That’s why having an optimistic approach is the key to overcoming all the challenges that you are thrown upon. 

Stay positive even when you no longer feel the power to fight out the negative demons. 

Section-wise preparationTips for CLAT Without Coaching

Yes, you can start going away to section-wise preparation for CLAT that too without coaching. This will not only clear the doubts of clouds you’ve been dealing with a specific subject. But will also strengthen your core from the depth making cracking CLAT an easy task. 

Here are some of Section-wise tips that will help you prepare for CLAT without coaching

1. Tips to Prepare CLAT English Language Section
2. Tips to Prepare CLAT Legal Reasoning Section
3. Tips to Prepare CLAT Current Affairs Section
4. Tips to Prepare CLAT Quantitative Section
5. Tips to Prepare CLAT Logical reasoning Section

Recommended Books For CLAT Preparation without Coaching

No one can deny the fact that Books are our best Friends. And when it comes sto preparation of CLAT that too without any coaching, then Books are Gems. 

However, getting the right book that matches all that you need is what a CLAT student needs to crack. That’s why we have listed down some of the best books for clat preparation :

SECTION  Best Books 
English High School Grammar & Composition by P C WREN, HMARTINThe Pearson Guide to CLAT Word Power Revised & Expanded Edition by Norman LewisObjective General English BY RS Aggarwal
Current Affairs & GK Pearson’s Concise GK ManualLucent’s GK Pratiyogita DarpanCompetition Yearbook 
Logical Reasoning  Analytical Reasoning By M K Pandey501 Challenging Logical Reasoning\A modern Approach By RS Aggarwal
Legal Aptitude LST’S Legal Reasoning ModuleLegal Awareness & Legal Reasoning 


Although law aspirants can clear the CLAT examination without coaching, they are advised to join the same as they are beneficial for them and help them to be one step closer to clearing the entrance examination. Therefore, it is upon the applicants whether they want to join a coaching institute or not.


Q. Can I Prepare for CLAT Exam Without Coaching and crack the exam with flying colours?

Yes, you absolutely can Yet, but there is a catch. You need to remember that it requires pure determination & discipline. And we as humans tend to lose our focus without the guidance of a mentor. So, it all depends solely upon your choice of yours. If you believe that not taking CLAT coaching won’t affect your preparation then just go for it.

Q. Which is the best CLAT Coaching in Delhi?

Although coaching is best in one way or another. Yet, with our extensive research we have framed out a few of them. The list includes best CLAT Coaching in Delhi including :

Q. Is coaching Necessary for CLAT?

No, it’s not necessary to go for CLAT coaching. However, the success rate of cracking CLAT with Coaching is quite significant then without coaching. If you are looking fro best CLAT Coaching the do check our list.

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