CLAT Exam Day Important Guideline

Being aware of CLAT Exam Day Important Guideline is a must for those appearing for CLAT 2022 offline mode. 


This is so as, for instance just imagine it’s your CLAT Exam day, the day you’ve been waiting for a long-long time. And as you made it to the CLAT Exam center you realized you forgot to bring a few documents that you were not even aware of. 


Boom, you were not even allowed to enter the center. Suddenly you went blank, all your hard work burns down and all your are left with regret and sorrow. This is why we are here to help you out & to make sure you ace CLAT Exam hassle-free. 


Keeping your hard work in mind we are here with our newest blog “ CLAT Exam DAy Important Guideline” . This will help you out in things like things to carry & not to carry inside CLAT Exam centre, the bell timings and more. 


CLAT Exam Day Important Guideline – Bell Timings Timing What is it for?
1. 2:30 pm It would be a long bell.Starting entry of candidates inside the CLAT exam centre. 
2. 2:50 pm A small bell indicating invigilator to start off distribution of question booklets & OMR sheets. 
3. 3:00 pm A long bell rang on purpose to begin the CLAT exam. Indicating to open up a sealed envelope.
4. 3:15 pm  A short bell to close up all the doors, as no candidate will be allowed to enter. 
5. 4:00 pm A short bell indicating the passing of one hour.
6. 4:50 pm  A short warning bell to let candiatied know only 10 minutes are left. 
7. 5:00 pm A long bell indicating the ending of CLAT Exam. 

Things TO CARRY / AVOID ON CLAT EXAM DAY – CLAT Exam Day Important Guideline

Here are list of things that a CLAT Candidate would need to Carry & Avoid on the day of their CLAT Exam. Things To Carry on CLAT Exam Day Reasons on why to Carry them.
1. CLAT Admit Card Mandatory Document No enter in CLAT Exam centre without Admit Card
2. Proof of Identification Mandatory DocumentIs necessary to help the checker clarify candidate identity.Aadhar card, Driver licence, voter ID.
3. Attested Photograph If the photo on the admit card is not clear then it’s a must to carry. PLus, it must be the one printed on the Admit Card.
4. Disability Certificate  Mandatory document for candidates belonging to PwD category.
5. Blue/Black Ball-point Pen No other colour pen is allowed to be used for filling details on the OMR & Answer sheet.
6. Water Bottle (Transparent) Coloured & Covered water bottles are denied at the front step of the CLAT Exam Centre.
7. Face Mask,Sanitiser Due to COVID 19 concern.
8. Analogue watch Not mandatory. It all up to the candidate if they want to carry it or not.

So, now that you are aware of the things you need to carry on CLAT Exam day. Here are things you need to avoid carrying to CLAT exam day: Things To Avoid or Not to Carry on CLAT Exam Day Reasons on why Not to Carry them.
1. Calculator Against CLAT Conducting body policy.
2. Smart Watch Against CLAT Conducting body policy.To avoid any nuisance. 
3. CLAT Study Material Against CLAT Conducting body policy.Fair play.
4. Mobile Phone Against CLAT Conducting body policy.To avoid cheating & disturbance.

CCLAT Exam Day Important Guideline- Entry Guidelines

Here are some of the most Important CLAT Exam DAy Entry guidelines that a candidate must abide by before & after entering the test centre.


Important Guideline Before Entry
  • Firstly, all candidates are advised to report one hour prior to the commencement of the exam. 
  • Secondly, bear one thing in mind that no candidate would be allowed to enter the exam hall 15 minutes after the commencement of the exam. 
  • Thirdly, It is advisable for candidates to carry necessary documents only. As  all the baggage will be kept aside outside and authorities are not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Fourth & foremost is to maintain social distancing & follow covid 19 protocols. 
  • Lastly, keep the admit card along with the original photo ID ready & handy for verification.
Important Guideline After Entry 
  • Firstly, follow the invigilator instructions thoroughly. And remember no doubts regarding CLAT Questions will be entertained. 
  • Secondly, candidates will have to sign their admit card in the presence of the invigilator. 
  • Thirdly, it is advisable to not get involved in any unfair practices as it may lead to disqualification and prosecution.
  • Lastly, candidates are disallowed to make an exit for the exam centre before 4:00 PM.
  • Finally, Candidates can take question copy home before submitting the OMR sheet. Moreover, they must handle the carbonised OMR sheet with care. 

Last Minute Tips & Trick – CLAT Exam Day Important Guidelines

Relax yourself 

It’s been a long nerve-racking journey, you have given every ounce of blood you have for this day. That’s why it’s time to relax and take at least 7-8 hours of rest before the entrance test. 


Ready & Handy

It is very important for candidates to carry all the important documents on the CLAT exam Day. That’s why it keeps all documents ready & handy just the night before the exam day. 


Checkout Exam Centre

It’s best to check out the allotted exam centre prior to the exam day.This is so as to avoid any trouble & nuisance on the day of the exam.  


Report on Time

Arrive at the exam centre half an hour before the reporting time so as to wind up all the formalities easily.


Important Key Takeaway – CLAT Exam Day Important Guideline

The programme of CLAT UG 2022 includes subjects like 

  • English together with comprehension, 
  • General knowledge and current affairs, 
  • legal aptitude, 
  • logical reasoning and,
  • quantitative techniques.

A complete of a hundred and fifty multiple-choice sort queries are going to be asked from the top of five subjects during this national level law entrance exam.


Candidates will get one mark for every correct answer and can get a penalty of 0,25 marks for each wrong answer.

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