Can a candidate prepare for CLAT in 2 Months?

One of the most asked questions about the CLAT is “Can a candidate prepare for CLAT in 2 Months and score good marks in it?” 

Yes, the aspirants can clear the CLAT exam in 2 months and get proper marks in it. However, Preparing for CLAT in 2 months is not everyone’s cup of tea. It may sound easy but the harsh reality is it is not easy as it seems. Yet, we all know one thing well : “what is easy ain;t worth it.”

Preparing CLAT in 2 months requires all your energy, patience, consistency and much more. We all know some even fail to crack Clat with 1 year of preparation gap, which makes it a very tough exam. However, the good news is that it isn’t an impossible task to do. 

Moreover, throughout these 2 months you need to bear something in mind , that is

  • Be determined 
  • Don’t panic,
  • Have patience and 
  • Take in all the resources you have.

This article will not only flourish you with a step-by-step 2 months CLAT preparation guide.But will also provide the tips & tricks that can be a game changer in your CLAT preparation.

So, With all that in mind let jump on to the tips & tricks that will help you crack CLAT in 2 months. 

Tips & Tricks To help you Crack CLAT in 2 Months

Some of the tips and tricks to clear the CLAT in 2 months are below:

  • Analysing the syllabus and the exam pattern

The candidates are require to look at the syllabus and the pattern of the exam before starting the preparation for the exam. It will help them to differentiate between the strong and the weak concepts.

  • Focusing on the stronger concepts

The applicants are advised to focus more on the stronger concepts as compared to weaker concepts in order to gain more marks and perform better as there is negative marking in the entrance examination.

  • More practice and attempting the mock tests

The applicants are advised to practice the questions of the concepts as much as possible and also attempt the mock tests as it helps the applicants to know the exam pattern better.

  • Study routine and plan

The applicants are advised to create a proper study routine that includes the preparation of each section so that it gets easier for them to score in the examination. The study routine also helps the candidates to develop discipline. Thus helping them in their career and future as well.

  • Developing reading and writing skills

One of the most important things for the CLAT examination is reading and writing skills. It is important as the question paper of the CLAT examination is very lengthy and most of the applicants miss out on several questions due to slow reading and writing. It will help the applicants to finish the exam on time.

  • Enrolling in a coaching institute

Joining a coaching institute can help a lot of applicants as they provide proper guidance and motivation to the students. They provide several crash courses for the students and ensure that they are able to understand whatever is taught in the institute.

LAST 2 MONTHS CLAT Preparation Plan  

Month 1- Dedicated it fully for learning & Revising

With just 2 months in hand it is better for a candidate to divide the first month in two halves. Doing so will not only clear up your preparation but will help you get an edge over your syllabus.

First Half 

  • Double up your work and spend this time fully on covering the full syllabus.
  • Focus on important & those Topics that are more liye to appear on exam. 
  • Wake up early and plan to clear up at least three sections as efficiently as possible. Then take a break, get back up and start revising those 3 sections.
  • Following the process will utter determination and “keep your head up you got it” .
  • Remember self-made notes are the key.

Second Half

Now that you are finished with all that is to cover up from the syllabus now, it is time to work on them all. Take a deep breath in and deep breath out, relax yourself a little because it is time to level up. 

  • Spend the rest half revising all that has been covered up.Remember divide and rule is the key, take 3 sections at once and revise them thoroughly. 
  • Keep up with this plan and cross them you fully believe are up in your head. 
  • Take your own test at the end of the day to keep up a good track on your progress. 

Month 2- Practice as much as you can

Now is the hardest time that comes into play and this is where everyone starts losing hope and control.So, Keep your head up champ you are half done with the battle, we know it is hard for you but “stars only shine brighter in the darkest night.

  • Start Practising at least one Mock test a day.
  • Ready newspaper daily.
  • Practice as much as you can but don’t rush .
  • Work on your weak areas and strengthen the strong ones. 
  • At the end, just give yourself some time to make a thorough look at all the important topics. 


Although the CLAT exam is one of the toughest entrance exams for law, the tips and tricks to prepare for the entrance examination are mention above. The applicants are advise to follow these in order to score good marks in the CLAT entrance examination.

Moreover, remember being optimistic is all that you need to be.

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